"The Frightened Frog, An Environmental Tale"

Learning About Frogs And Their Habitat

How much do you know about frogs and amphibians? About the world they live in? Come with us on a journey of learning about frogs, amphibians and their habitat!

"The Frightened Frog" is an early reader book written to educate elementary children about the environmental issues affecting amphibians. It includes Fun Frog Facts, a story describing the challenges of being a frog, and ways children can Leap Into Action to help protect, preserve, and support frog and amphibian habitats in their own backyards!

"I loved reading the Frightened Frog book. I read the book 5 times! The book says the frog's world is becoming polluted, and I think that is very true. But the book also says that we should try to help and I think that is wonderful."

Julia, age 8, Connecticut

A Few Fun Frog Facts:

  • Albino frogs are a fairly common occurrence
  • In Japan, frogs are symbols of Good Luck!
  • Frogs in the environment are a true sign of a well balanced ecosystem
  • Frogs completely shed their skin about once a week and they usually eat it!

Activities for Children:

Frog Species:

  • How many species of frogs do you think there are?
  • 1) 872; 2) 10,224; 3) 4,800; 4) I don't know - there are too many!
    • Answer: 3) There are approximately 4,800 recorded species found and they span almost every climate. They live in every continent of the world except for Antarctica. The highest concentrations of frogs are found in warm, wet, tropical climates.

A Frog's Life

  • How many lives do frogs have?
  • The quick answer is two! Frogs and toads belong to the Anura order in the class of amphibians. The word "amphibian" comes from the Greek and means "both lives", referring to the first life when frog eggs hatch into frogs underwater; and the second when they lose their tails, grow legs, and are able to live on land as well as in water.

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"The Frightened Frog" and Lesson Plans

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