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NGC and P. Allen Smith Plant America Beginning March 1 and ending June 15, NGC will be providing members with the opportunity to participate in “growing” the PLANT AMERICA Community Projects Grant Program. Many clubs applied for a grant in the first year of this program. It’s wonderful that so many clubs are active in their communities.

This promotion, entitled “Inspiring Gardens Across America,” includes three different collections of plants selected by P. Allen Smith. Each item was chosen because of a special feature in its hybridization for performance or beauty or for its limited availability in the general marketplace.

Collections of Plants

1. Peony Flowering Daylily Collection.

The Peony Flowering Daylilies are a collection of THREE of the most wonderful colors and the most prolific reblooming double flowering daylilies we have ever raised. They will grow and bloom for years and will be the envy of all your gardening friends.

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NGC and P. Allen Smith Plant America

Lacy Doily

NGC and P. Allen Smith Plant America


NGC and P. Allen Smith Plant America

Unlock the Stars

2. Sunpatiens® ‘Razzle Dazzle’ Collection.

This is not your grandmother’s impatiens! SunPatiens® is a hybrid impatiens bred by Sakata. These remarkable plants represent a breakthrough in flower breeding: they are sun–loving and bloom from spring through frost. P. Allen Smith has grown these in containers and on the grounds of Moss Mountain Farm where they survive the hot summers of Arkansas with no wilting. Each of the four cultivars was picked as the one that is the most vigorous in the series.

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NGC and P. Allen Smith Plant America


NGC and P. Allen Smith Plant America


NGC and P. Allen Smith Plant America

'Wild Child'

NGC and P. Allen Smith Plant America


3. Whitewashed Wooden Stand with Succulents.

NGC and P. Allen Smith Plant America This reclaimed wood holder is the perfect way to display succulents inside or out. The whitewashed wood stand holds three terracotta pots. You’ll receive one pot planted with Hens and Chicks and two pots planted with an assortment of other succulents (often 2 or 3 varieties in the same pot). The succulents work best in a sun-drenched area of your home with minimal watering requirements.

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More detailed descriptions of these plants are included in the brochure.

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Orders can be placed in two ways:

  1. NGC Online Shopping - Click here to order by credit card in Member Services
  2. Mail a check with the order form to: NGC headquarters, 4401 Magnolia Ave, St. Louis, MO 63110

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Orders will be accepted starting March 1. Please note: some items will be shipped when it is appropriate for your growing zone. Order early while supplies last.

Inspiring Gardens Across The Americas

The theme for President Nancy Hargroves's administration is Plant America, a singularly focused initiative on gardens and gardening. Both a call to service and a description of what NGC clubs do, Plant America supports the main reason that people say they join a garden club - to learn about gardening!

Covering any and every aspect of gardening, horticulture, garden design, and community service, it applies to every kind of garden: Blue Star plantings, vegetable gardens, community gardens, container gardening, neighborhood plantings, urban farms, low-water xeriscape gardens, etc.

Projects in local communities are what distinguish us from the work of other gardening organizations. Towns, cities, neighborhoods, and roadsides across the United States are all beneficiaries of National Garden Clubs projects.

In order to provide a vehicle to financially support the activities of our member clubs, a new grant program entitled "Plant America Community Project Grants" is being established to provide funding for new or existing projects of NGC member clubs in their respective communities across the United States. This will be a permanent fund with grants being awarded during each two-year administration. The goal for the fund is to become a self-sustaining endowment fund like the NGC Scholarship fund providing funding levels that make a significant impact in large projects.

In order that the members of National Garden Clubs see the immediate benefits of this grant program for their projects, the first grants will be given during the 2017-2019 administration.

Not only will the community projects funded from it enhance our nation, but, through project publicity, signage and materials bearing the Plant America logo, it provides the possibility of making our organization more visible. See the requirements for obtaining a grant here.

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For more information, contact:
Betty Cookendorfer, Chairman: Plant America