Espoma Plant Foods and Soils

Espoma Plant Foods and Soils Supports Plant America

Espoma supports NGC Plant AmericaNational Garden Clubs is excited to announce a new partnership with a premier provider of organic plant foods and potting soils - Espoma.

Known for it's "Tone" family of products, Holly-tone, Plant-tone and Rose-tone to name a few, Espoma has operated since 1929 with a commitment to manufacturing using only the finest ingredients available in a fashion that values its employees, shareholders and customers.

In support of President Nancys Hargroves's project "Plant America", Espoma announced at the Richmond Convention that it would provide grants of up to $250 of their organic plant foods and potting soils to 20 garden clubs. Additionally, they have created an NGC dedicated page on their corporate website recognizing the "Plant America" initiative and providing resources to garden clubs.

We are thankful to John Harrison, Vice-President of Marketing for Espoma, and Bonnie Satterthwaite, Territory Sales Manager for Espoma for supporting National Garden Clubs.

To learn more about the Espoma line of products visit their corporate website at

Espoma OrganicTo register your local garden club with Espoma please click here to fill out the form on their website.


Espoma's flyer announcing the partnership with Plant America.