Environmental Concerns & Conservation

Innovations in Conservation

In the new Administration, NGC’s Environmental Concerns Committee will be highlighting “Innovations in Conservation.” Please let us know when you hear of creative solutions to our environmental problems. They can be large or small—for the whole society or the home gardener. We would like to share as many of these as possible in The National Gardener or Keeping in Touch. Thank you very much in advance.

For general, and water quality information, contact:
Jacqueline Connell Chairman: Evironmental Concerns & Conservation

For air quality information, contact:
Mary Jacobs

For land conservation information, contact:
Marian McNabb

For International Disasters/Global Waters, contact:
Cindy Kozakewich’s, International Disasters/Global Waters Chairman


Innovations in Conservation

For more information, contact:
Jacqueline Connell, Chairman: Environmental Concerns & Conservation