Wildflower Awards & Grants


Chairman: Marsha Alexander

Native Plants and Wildflower Awards offers opportunities for clubs, groups of clubs and states to receive monetary awards for projects that include some native plants and/or wildflowers.

These NGC awards are:

  • NPW-1 – Roadside Award: given for the enhancement of roadside areas, entrances to towns and cities, etc.
    A. Single Member Club B. Group of Members Clubs (Council, District) C. State Garden Club
  • NPW-2 – Civic Projects: establishing wildflower gardens, memorial gardens or historic garden restorations.
    A. Single Member Club B. Group of Members Clubs (Council, District) C. State Garden Club
  • NPW-3 – Outdoor Classrooms: creating nature trails, outdoor classrooms, wildflower walks.
    A. Single Member Club B. Group of Members Clubs (Council, District) C. State Garden Club
  • 2017-2019 Awards Application Form
  • 2017-2019 Awards Rules

Many of your projects could be planted with some native plants and wildflowers, so why not apply for an appropriate award. Your clubs or states could win up to $1,000 for a worthy project! There are categories for small, medium and large clubs and states, so that small clubs or states compete with similar sized organizations.

Applications for these awards are made by following the criteria for NGC Awards listed in the fall issue of The National Gardener in odd numbered years.

Document all phases of your project, so that when you apply for an award you have good coverage of your project. Safety must be considered, know which plants are poisonous or prickly - these would definitely not be acceptable in a project where children are involved - keep itemized records of expenditures. Take lots of photographs.

Applications are sent to your state Awards Chairman by the state deadline for all NGC awards. The same project may only be entered in one category.

For more information, contact:
Marsha Alexander, Chairman: NGC Native Plants and Wildflower Awards


Native Plants and Wildflower Awards: Native Plant Educational Symposiums or Workshops

Chairman: Nancy Harris

A grant of up to $500 is available to be used towards direct expenses for an educational program on this subject. State Garden Clubs, districts, councils and individual garden clubs may co-sponsor a symposium with state agencies, arboreta, native plant societies, or similar organizations. Gardeners are eager for information on native plants; state highway or transportation departments need publicity and support for their planting programs. Try to schedule the date when wildflowers are in bloom in your location.

Subjects to be covered:

  • One or more topics on native flora: endangered species, plants for butterflies, plants for special habitats, identification using keys, invasive species management, etc.
  • Public planting: state highways, rest areas, preservation of community natural areas.
  • Propagation of wildflowers.
  • Designing native plant gardens or developing nature trails.
  • Native Plants and Wildflower Awards information.

To Apply:

  • At least two months in advance send two copies of the tentative program and a copy of the proposed budget to this chairman.
  • If approved, half of the grant requested will be sent by NGC.
  • At the conclusion of the workshop, within two months, send a short report, including a financial statement and the number of people in attendance, two copies of the final program, and any publicity.

For more information, contact:
Nancy Harris, Chairman: NGC Native Plants and Wildflower Awards